SpeedForce Is A Fully Integrated Cycling Computer

An avid cyclist from Sunnyvale, California, has developed new technology that will make your bike even smarter.

Gang Li is the inventor of SpeedForce, which is a fully-integrated smart cycling computer that lets you get the most out of cycling.

“We are taking biking computers to the next level in form, function and affordability,” explains Li. “Bikers have more and more accessories that fill up their handlebars. SpeedForce integrates them all seamlessly into the bike with a beautiful design.”

“We believe that having the best and most affordable technology available makes living a healthier, active lifestyle easier and more enjoyable,” adds Li. “We gathered some of the best software and hardware specialists in the world with exceptional backgrounds in bicycle development and strategy. Combining the hardware and software will allow more people to take their biking experience into the modern age.”

Smart Cycling Technology

According to Li and his team, SpeedForce is the “world’s first smartest cycling computer.”

Sensors on the back of your pedals are synced with the SpeedForce free app and the data on your smartphone dashboard offers tips and suggestions that will help make your cycling experience even better.

SpeedForce, which is dust-proof and water resistant, replaces the stem between the handle bars on your bike, and it is slick and stylish in design. It offers a combination of various cycling products in one and measures a plethora of data.

Through its sensory technology, the device will calculate your speed, time/distance traveled, track, heart rate, altitude, temperature, calories burned, and cadence. It also provides route planning and makes suggestions on best riding routes in your area. It also equipped with a built-in-GPS chip that links with your smartphone’s GPS. And its turn signals light up so you don’t have to worry about glancing at your smartphone. Your ride is now safer and much easier.

SpeedForce is also equipped with a 1.6-inch full-color transflective screen with high resolution, and its very own Speedforce headlight provides over 30 feet of illumination that ensures your ride at night is safer. And the removable battery lasts up to 40 hours (16-20 hours with GPS navigation on). The app always provides the status of your battery and sends an alert on when you need to charge it back up.

Smart Bikes Are The Future

What’s even more unique with this invention is that it interprets data for you. The app will analyze all the data collected and it instantly provides tips on how you can better maximize your ride. The technology helps you bike smarter, not harder, and it can help fix any bad habits you might have while on the road. Consider SpeedForce as your new training coach while on the road.

The SpeedForce app now has nearly 500,000 users. The app allows you to compare your cycling habits and progress with other cyclists. The app also allows you to meet new riders and share photos you capture along the way.

SpeedForce can even charge up your smartphone.

And believe it or not you can have your own SpeedForce without having to break the bank. It retails for $149.00 (USD).

Over time more technology like SpeedForce will be introduced to the cycling world and this is a good thing. After all, cycling is a lifestyle, not a hobby, and new technology will only help make bikes and riders smarter alike.  

Now you can ride like a pro.