The Speedo Shine Is A Fitness Tracker Designed For Swimmers

The Misfit Shine is already a great activity tracker. Its smooth design allows it to be worn during pretty much any activity or event, and discreetly keeps up with your stats through the use of LED lights on the face. It doubles as a sleek watch, as well. The Shine is no mere step counter, however, and can keep up with you through your active lifestyle and will even monitor your sleeping patterns.

This new tracker from Misfit, called the Speedo Shine, contains everything people like about the original Shine, but adds a new feature for swimmers that will keep up with number of laps, lap times, and calories burned during your swim through the use of a motion-based algorithm. The Speedo Shine, like the original Misfit Shine, is waterproof up to a depth of 140 feet, so you don't have to worry about the thing shorting out out on your during your laps. Thanks to aircraft-grade aluminum, the Shine is a durable piece of hardware that can go wherever you do, no need to be extra careful with it.

The slick interface will keep you up-to-date on your progress through the use of LED lights on the face of the tracker, and you can then look at the app on your phone for a more in-depth look at your stats and progress.

In addition to all of the features for swimming, the Speed Shine also tracks walking, running, biking, and sleep patterns, so there is no need to switch between different trackers depending on the activity. With the ability to change bands easily, you can also dress up, or dress down, the tracker to fit your needs. So, if swimming is not in your repertoire, then the original Shine will suit you just fine.

The Speedo Shine releases September 1st, and you can purchase it from either Misfit's website, or from Speedo

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