Spherovelo Early Rider Will Get Your Child Riding Before They Can Walk - This Bike Has Balls

Crawl. Ride. Walk. That’s the natural progression of human movement, right? If the people at Early Rider have anything to do with it, yes. Spherovelo, their revolutionary balance bike for babies as young as seven months, is designed to get your youngster on wheels even before they can walk.

The Spherovelo Early Rider Bicycle is slick in design and function. It comes in four cool shiny colors, has a padded seat and rolls on two hard, polyurethane covered spheres. The Early Rider is meant to be your child’s first balance bike. The idea behind a balance bike—a bike without wheels—is to get your child comfortable with the way their body reacts to what they see and feel, building coordination and confidence as the get ready to peddle a two-wheeler.

But this bike doesn’t have wheels. This bike has balls. The front ball can go forward or back but the back ball moves independently on an open bearing, allowing it to send Spherovelo in any direction. If your pre-walker or early walker isn’t ready for so much motion, a kickstand-like rolling stabilizer can be used to keep his or her feet firmly on the ground as they scoot through the house looking like the youngest member of Hells Angels.

Spherovelo’s balls are able to roll on any indoor surface and won’t mark up your floors. Once your kid is confident enough to ride Spherovelo without the stabilizer, they will be doing donuts in no time. And the cool thing about trying to perfect the donut is that when your child becomes unbalanced, instead of toppling over, the balls will adjust to your child’s movement and keep itself upright.

However, this is not a miracle bike. Your child will need to become comfortable with the sensation of falling or losing their balance, but with a few turns on Spherovelo, they’ll be cruising. Getting them started early is genius because one of the best—and sometimes worst—things about young kids is that they tend to be fearless.

My one-year-old twin boys have no concept of danger. Unless you count the sound of the UPS truck. They are not afraid to climb infinite flights of stairs, but the rumble of the truck delivering our shipment of diapers terrifies them. An Early Rider bike would suit them well. They love to climb, stand, and ride on their push toys. If they do this with a Spherovelo at least they’ll be ready for big boy bikes without too much of my anxiety ridden self running behind them, waiting for the right moment to let go.

And if my boys were to fall off of the Spherovelo, they would only fall about eight inches to the floor. Our couch is higher than that and they have survived falling off of that several times.

Early Rider’s Spherovelo won the Red Dot Design Award and the Junior Design Award For New Toy. It will win your young toddler over too and get them riding before they can walk.

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