Spice Box: Monthly Subscription Service Inspires Customers To Heat Things Up

Box of goodie subscriptions have been all the rage in the past year, with businesses offering Spice BoxSpice Boxdoor-to-door delivery of makeup, underwear, razors, beauty products, dog items, and even dates in a box (the activity, not the dried fruit). Another new concept has turned up the heat for the trend.

Spice Box isn't a collection of things to add to your cooking supplies (well, not unless you get really creative). It gives subscribers a recipe for something that gets their blood - and not their water - boiling. As you probably guessed by now, Spice Box is designed to spice up the sex lives of their subscribers. It's the best type of subscription service because practical items don't simply show up on clients' doorsteps, the themed products provide some direction to provide a little bit of inspiration. 

The business offers two different subscription options - the first is the complete Spice Box, and the second is a toy subscription. In each case, the contents of the box are a total surprise but can include bath and body products, candles, massage oils, and various adult novelty items. In the complete Spice Box, there's a theme so all items can be used as a component of the same evening activity.

The cost of the Spice Box is $29 per month ($19.99 for the Toy Box), which is comparable in cost to a date night, and of course all of the goodies can be used on more than one occasion. They also sell some individual items so if customers find something that really enjoyed they can order that again.

Do you think the Spice Box is a good gift for couples? Who knows, maybe you'll find a subscription under the tree this holiday season. 

Via: TrendHunter