Spice Up Your Fitness Routine With Aerial Yoga

Aerial YogaAerial Yoga

If you're into fitness and wellness, I'm sure you're constantly on the lookout for ways to spice up your program. Maybe you're just looking for something to add to your current program or ways to improve your core strength, mobility and flexibility. If you're looking for any of these, you may want to try Aerial Yoga.

Aerial Yoga With Fabric HammocksAerial Yoga With Fabric Hammocks

The practice of Yoga is great for improving physical health. The various stretches and poses in traditional Yoga improve core strength, mobility and flexibility. Yoga also promotes stress relief. The practice emphasizes the release of negative thoughts like fear, anger and sadness. In short, Yoga has many benefits in different realms of life. 

Suspended: Aerial YogaSuspended: Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga, developed by Michelle Dortignac, is a combination of traditional Yoga, dance and the circus art of tissu. Though it may seem like this relatively new form of Yoga is only for advanced practitioners only, Aerial Yoga doesn't require any Yoga prerequisites. In general, you won't be flying high through the air, performing feats of trapeze genius. You are actually performing poses and stretches only a few inches off the ground with the aid of a fabric hammock. 

What Aerial Yoga offers, which you won't really get in traditional Yoga, is gravity. When the body is suspended and gravity has its say, you will have to learn how to align your body properly to hold a pose or stretch. The absence of a foundation, like the floor, also recruits core and stabilizer muscles more. Check out the video below to get an idea of how it works.

If this is something you would like to try, search for classes near you. Some studios will have fabric hammocks available, but if you find that you'll need your own or will be practicing Aerial Yoga often and sometimes by yourself, Amazon offers a variety of Aerial Yoga hammocks you can purchase. The point is to enjoy your fitness and live a happy life. Yoga can help with that, and Aerial Yoga adds an extra fun twist.

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