Spice Up Your Bathroom/Kitchen With These Awesome Retro Tile Designs

It's a pretty big year for gaming. The Xbox One and the PS4 - hailed as the next generation of video games - are both just around the corner, promising to bring with them a whole host of awesome new features and functionality. Indie games have grown larger than ever, with revenue from independent developers reaching into the millions. There's also the small fact that 2013 marks two very significant anniversaries in console gaming: the 30th anniversary of the Nintendo Famicom's (Nintendo Entertainment System) release and the 25th anniversary of the Sega Mega Drive's (Genesis) release.

The Sega Genesis was one of the first 16-bit consoles ever released, and ended up being an intense rival to the NES (and later the Super NES). Unfortunately, Sega's luck quickly ran out. By the time they released the Dreamcast - a much-lauded console that was too far ahead of its time - the studio was effectively dead in the water as a manufacturer. Today, Sega still produces a number of different games, but they're far from the glorious titan of game development that they used to be. 

To celebrate the occasion - and to pay homage to two of the most legendary video game developers in existance - the fine folks over at Topps Tiles have come up with a rather unique idea: retro-themed video game tile designs. See, the thing about bathroom and kitchen tiles is that, by design, they lend themselves pretty near perfectly to pixel art. 

With that in mind, Topps has suggested a number of different designs gamers might use to spice up their houses, a few of which I've included below. Given that you can purchase individual, colored tiles in bulk from Topps, the sky's pretty much the limit on this one. When I get a place of my own, I think I'll be devoting an entire wall of my bathroom to Megaman 5 (the first game I ever played). 

Based out of Enderby in the UK, Topps Tiles is Britains largest tile and wood flooring specialist. In operation since 1963, it sells products ranging from floor tiles and natural stone to underfloor heating, tools, grouts, cleaning products and adhesives. They can be reached through their official website.