Great Ideas for Non-traditional Holiday Decor

It seems as though you either love or hate the holiday season, with few people straddling the line in between. I, personally, am one of those apathetic souls that could take it or leave it, depending on day, mood, and my current penchant for blind consumerism. So, in my effort to jump on over to the "loving" side of the holiday fence, I bring to you the first installation of my latest finds in non-traditional seasonal decor that really work for any season.


globos globs and offspringglobos globs and offspring

With the holidays nearly upon us, it's challenging to find seating for all those extra bodies, and still enjoy an uncluttered living space. Enter Stefano Bigi's Globos Collection. Four little ottomans burst forth from the rust-colored bellies of this Jetson-like chair and bench, and voila! You've got extra seating for your guests. Pretty handy. (Globos)


So that's how you feel...So that's how you feel...

I never knew...I never knew...

If you want to get down and dirty with the fam this holiday season, the fukidasi mirror by Studio Foundations could be the perfect platform for airing dirty laundry and family secrets. Aahh, the holidays. Gotta love 'em. Fresh out of Tokyo Design Week earlier this month, this mirror is based on the thought and speech bubbles used in cartoons and comics. These "bubbles" are programmable and allow you to say what you think without actually verbalizing it. Could make for a fun party game, if used with caution. (Studio Foundations)


an army of candleless candlesan army of candleless candles

This candle-less candle by Metaphys adds some panache to your holiday ambience, and makes it harder for your guests to catch themselves on fire, if that tends to be a concern in your family. Operated on a rechargeable battery, this unique lamp is "lit" with a magnetic match, and is extinguished by blowing it out. So you can let all the family rugrats run wild without fear of having to make a call to the local fire department. (Metaphys via dezeen)


"No fire dancing at the table!""No fire dancing at the table!"

If, however, you prefer to really set the night ablaze, here's another opportunity. Why not bring the hearth to your tabletop with the City Living Fireplace? Leave it to two stainless steel "logs" affixed to a 10"x14" slate base to light up your night. A sexy alternative to that boring old blaze in the fireplace, and you won't need as much kindling. Just be sure to keep an eye on the kids! (thisnext)


Tu-Tu for youTu-Tu for you

And finally, for your floral display, you might want to consider going the minimalist route so as not to distract from the great feast set before you. The Tu-Tu RTD (Ready to Display), manufactured by Japanese design company Rock Paper Scissors, consists of a small white vase encased in a plastic tube that protects a single stem housed within. The practical packaging doubly serves as the fragile posy's means of transport. (Rock Paper Scissors via Dezeen)

So, there are some non-traditional holiday ideas to get your party started in a way that can easily translate to other seasons. If you've got any ideas to share, feel free to drop me a line. Meanwhile, there's more to come!

Sarah O
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