Heat Up Your Holidays with These Funny Ice Breakers

Amping up for the holidays? In need of some conversation starters or entertaining accoutrements, if only to keep yourself amused? Well, here's installation number two of my latest festive finds to keep you and your guests chuckling well beyond dinner...

Hot Man Trivet

what a hottiewhat a hottie

Let's start with one of the most important gadgets for the kitchen: a hotman trivet. He'll take what you dish out and will happily lend a helping hand. Who doesn't want a hotman lying around, is my question? On second thought, slapping an apron on him and putting him to work may be a better idea. (tesora)


Seven Deadly Sin Plates

Gluttony?  Greed?  Choose your crime...Gluttony? Greed? Choose your crime...

Here's the perfect way to make your guests question your true feelings for them. Was that just a coincidence, or is our host hinting at something? The Seven Deadly Sins plates allow you to give your guests a bit of a dig ("gluttony" seems particularly fitting) and have them wondering if seating placement was personal or coincidental. No one gets off easy with this one... (barneys)

Want Need Glasses

I need! I want!I need! I want!

Next up is the want/need glass, helping you keep your holiday libation intake under control. This hand-finished and signed 16-ounce glass has a small hole that, if filled above a certain line, will divulge you've taken more than you need and worse yet, more than you even want! Perhaps "greed" found its way to your place setting? Hmmm? This glass brings a new meaning to "handling your drink." (alesina design)

Salt and Pepper Maracas

shake it upshake it up

I personally can't think of any better way to spice up a party than with some salt and pepper maracas. Now you can strike up an impromptu jam session in the kitchen - just bust out the pots and pans, maybe a washboard, some spoons - this could shape up to be the most musical Thanksgiving yet. (thisnext)



Pistol Dish

Oh, shoot, the candy's gone...Oh, shoot, the candy's gone...

Looking for ways to hint at your resentment for having to spend hours on end slaving away in the kitchen? or perhaps you'd like a political debate around the dinner table? Try putting out some mixed nuts or candy on the Pistol Dish by Cul de Sac Design. It may raise a few eyebrows, or it might just be the hint that gets you some help in the kitchen. (cul de sac)


Bubble Scrubbers

Multi-tasking bubblesMulti-tasking bubbles

Speaking of help, here's a handy idea to elicit assistance for that interminable holiday meal clean up: Bust out a few of these Bubble Scrubbers and you'll have your guests volunteering to do the dishes. Hidden in the midst of the bristles is a perfectly-shaped bubble wand, allowing you to have some good clean fun while taking care of business. (Amazon)

Bacon Toothpicks

that's some fine swinethat's some fine swine

And finally, what meal would be complete without a good tooth-picking? It's always practical to keep some toothpicks around, particularly after eating a huge holiday feast. But why stick with the traditional mint flavored ones when you can keep your meal alive with the fine taste of bacon, lingering on your palate? (Amazon )

I hope these ideas inspire you to spice up the traditional holiday season with a bit of the quirky and bizarre, uniting you and your guests in laughter and merriment. If you have your own holiday all-stars, please let me know!

Sarah O
Innovative Interiors
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Nov 20, 2007
by makeworldbetter
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I like the Bubble Scrubbers

I like the Bubble Scrubbers

the next one is hot man