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Picture this, you're walking home after a late night out. The street is dark, you're alone, and the area is not exactly Mr. Roger's neighborhood. You pretend to be talking on the phone to discourage any would-be attackers, but if that doesn't stop someone from trying to make you a victim, what do you do next? Well, with Spraytect's Pepper Spray Phone Case, your second line of defense is always close at hand and just a click away.

Spraytect Pepper Spray Phone Case (White)Spraytect Pepper Spray Phone Case (White)

In the crazy world we live in, personal safety should always be a consideration, and this phone case can provide peace of mind for men, women, and parents. The pepper spray cartridge is detachable, so you don't always have to be packing heat, but when you want to let someone know you mean business, "there's an app for that." The cartridge contains a searing blend of habanero peppers, and is the same formula used by the FBI, Homeland Security, and the US Military.

At first, the idea of having a pepper spray cartridge next to my face every time I made a phone call seemed potentially dangerous, but there are a number of safeguards in place to make sure you don't have any horrible accidents in the middle of an intense game of Angry Birds. If you are still wary about holding an inferno of pain so close to your face during your daily phone use, practice with the test cartridge that Spraytect includes with every case. The steps for use are easy enough to carry out in a dangerous, high-stress situation, but also complicated enough that accidental firing is highly unlikely.

Pepper Spray Phone Case InstructionsPepper Spray Phone Case Instructions

Spraytect Color OptionsSpraytect Color Options

Having a smart phone within arm's reach seems to be a major symptom of our technological times, and like any accessory, people want their smart phones to be stylish and comfortable. The Spraytect phone case has only been released for iPhone 4 and 4S thus far, and is small, subtle, and currently comes in four colors, white, black, pink, and turquoise.  Also, in terms of convenience, having your defensive tool on your iPhone is a bit less conspicuous than carrying knives, tasers, or brass knuckles around in your bag.

The cylindrical cartridge on the back of the phone is hardly noticeable and it actually multi-functions as a "kickstand" for your phone, allowing you to prop it up or stand it on one side to watch videos hands-free at a comfortable angle. A unique blend of form and function is the cornerstone of good product innovation, and Spraytect has certainly found a cool balance between safe and sexy.

Pepper Spray Phone Case (Kickstand Function)Pepper Spray Phone Case (Kickstand Function)

So what do you think? Would you feel safe having a cartridge of fire in the palm of your hand just in case something happened? Or would this level of preparation make you feel like you constantly live in fear, waiting to defend yourself? Either way, the minds at Spraytect have come up with a hot new accessory for our smart phone world.

Check out the product reviews and pick up your own Spraytect Phone Case on Amazon.

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Mar 22, 2013
by justinthomsony
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Hey, it looks interesting! I

Hey, it looks interesting! I am really surprised to see this iPhone Pepper Spray. I am completely crazy to see the incredible feature of that one.

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Mar 25, 2013
by yfsindia
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Yes I am also amazed to see

Yes I am also amazed to see the excellent feature of iPhone. The idea is really nice and it's completely looking one of most promising option for the women safety.