Spider Podium Grips Gadgets With 8 Articulated Arms

Don't let your iPhone, iPod, PSP, DS or other pricey portable electronic device slip through your sweaty fingers this summer! The Spider Podium, from Japanese technology accessories company JTT, grips your gadgets tighter than a tarantula in heat... which I'm assuming is pretty, pretty tight.

The 27gm (1 oz) Spider Podium features a docking slot in its "body" to hold phones, MP3 music players and the like, and for larger devices like digital cameras the 8 rubber-coating, articulated legs come into play.

With so many legs to work with, one can use some to grip the device and others to secure the whole kit & kaboodle to a fixed surface. Similar devices include the Gorillapod and the Octopus Tripod though the Spider Podium's dock gives it a leg up (sorry) on the competition.

The Spider Podium measures 210mm by 190mm (about 8.5" by 7.5") and the legs are 7mm (about 1/4") thick. It only comes in white and can be purchased for 1,980 yen or $22.00 each at the JTT website. (via Gizmag, thanks to InventorSpot's very own Myra Per-Lee for the tip!)

Jun 7, 2010
by Anonymous


JTT is the Japanese distributor for the Spiderpodium - but the product was created and manufactured by breffo.com and is available on their website outside of Japan.