Spin, Flip, Grab--Bounceboard Does It Trampoline-Style

Back in the long, drawn-out summer afternoons of high school, I used to go over my buddy's house and practice snowboard tricks on his trampoline. Jumping around with a snowboard on a trampoline isn't exactly anything like the sport itself, but it does help you to practice tricks and spins in preparation of the upcoming season.

Thing about a snowboard is that it's big, heavy and has metal edges. You could potentially rip right through the trampoline deck. Or you could potentially wack your buddy--say Bill, for instance--in his head with the edge of your board when he happens to be standing too close (sorry Bill). 

One innovative tramper that was bouncing on his own trampoline around the same time I was created an interesting solution. It's the Bounceboard, a light, foam board designed specically for  tramp jumping. Instead of a heavy, thick board with metal edges, you have a soft, flexible board designed to absorb your impact. The board is structured to be plenty durable but easy on the trampoline. 

As I indicated in my intro, jumping on a trampoline was something I did when I had nothing better to do. I wouldn't be inclined to go out and spend $100 on a purpose-built board for it. But if you really love tramp-boarding, or are determined to increase your jumping level over the summer, it might be for you. 

You can order your own through Bounceboard.com or from Amazon.com.

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