"Spinning Streak" Game App Shies Away From Arrestable And Dizzying Behavior - Lets You Spin Stuff Instead

It's almost a truism now that a new iPhone App gets released on a daily basis, and many of them are awful. Our latest foray into the world of Appdom led us to "Spinning Streak", a game by Mad Media labs, and we're pleased to say it does not suck.

We're also happy it involves no actual streaking, since with the prevalence of both video cameras and Youtube, our celebrity could easily get out of hand for all the wrong reasons. Instead of inappropriate and fast-moving nudity, Spinning Streak is a game all about keeping three coins balanced and spinning on three wooden sticks. This game falls solidly into the "moderately enjoyable" category, made all the more so because it's free.

With a 20mb download footprint, you're going to need use a wireless network or computer connection to get this thing up and running, but the reason for its heavier-than-average memory weight is evident once the game is loaded up – for a free game, the graphics are pretty damn good. They lead toward a "cartoony" style, but the solid colorfulness combined with some decent music tracks lend a quality feel to the whole enterprise.

In a nutshell, the game is about balancing coins on sticks. Is that all? You ask, critically. No! We answer, tersely. You're also tasked with keeping the coins spinning as fast as possible. Balancing the sticks is done by tapping on them, which will cause them to become highlighted, and then tilting your device - be it iTouch, Phone, or Pad, to keep them ramrod-straight. All three sticks can be controlled at one time, but will de-select after a few moments of inactivity.

The coins simply need to be tapped to keep their speed up. As with actual flat objects that are spun on actual pointy objects, speed is your friend. If the coins slow down too much, they will fall off, much to your chagrin and the jeers of your fans.

Fans? Oh yes. You start as either "Alice" or "Johnny", a wannabe Spinning master enjoying a lazy day in the park. Fed up with your work-a-day life and constantly critical significant other, you decide its time to do the one thing you've always dreamed of - spin stuff on top of other stuff. With your friends looking on, you begin your journey.

My life sucks: I know! Spinning shall set me free!My life sucks: I know! Spinning shall set me free! 

Initially, you're spinning coins in the park for a period of 60 seconds. The faster the coins go, and the longer they go at that speed, the more points you get. There's no indication of how many points are required to take you to the next level, but losing a stick will almost guarantee your new profession ends up being a bust. If you're successful, a creepy guy in a sheepskin coat will shop up and offer you a dubious gig at a nightclub. From there, you do several more appearances, each with a longer time period you have to keep the coins up. The number of sticks never increases, but the point values to get to the next level (presumably) do.

The whole game can be finished in under 10 minutes, but it's actually a decent amount of fun. This is one of those games that encourages you to post your scores online for friends and the general Internet world at large to see, since they're never anything but glowing in their praise of other people's accomplishments.

While this game isn't going to stay on our iPhone forever, we will be going back to it to see if we can't better our score. In the final tabulation, the fact that the app is free, has decent graphics and the ability to turn the sound off, combined with a reasonably solid mechanic makes it something we're not ashamed to have taking up space on our device. These days, that's almost the highest praise any app can receive.

Interested in becoming a Streak Master? Get it here