Spiral Hoop Dance: Teaches The Latest Fitness Craze With An Artsy Twist

Hula hooping has become the latest fitness craze, in part popularized by the Wii Fit fun hula nid%3D33000%7Ctitle%3DSpiral%20Hoop%20Dance%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3Dnonehooping challenge which also doubles as great abdominal activity. But standing in one place swivelling your hips for many minutes on end is far more boring than a run or walk on the treadmill, which is why one hula hoop maker has decided to offer artsy dance classes.

Spiral Hoop Dance is a business that makes unique hula hoops by hand. They are heavier, which makes hula hooping easier while delivering a better workout. But since the best workouts tend to be the ones that are enjoyable for more than just the first 2 minutes, Spiral Hoop Dance has started offering classes and tutorials to make the activity into more of an art form. The classes offered are 2 hours long, and are being held all around the country; every session teaches a different aspect of hula hoop dance from the fundamentals to elaborate tosses and throws sure to both impress and enhance a hooping workout.


Fitness crazes might come and go, but this is one that just might expand into a whole new business empire that capitalizes on our need to be inspired and entertained while we break a sweat.