Spire Isn't Just An Activity Tracker; It's A Mood Changer

Spire: The Pocket Fitness TrackerSpire: The Pocket Fitness Tracker

With activity trackers flooding the market like heavy summer rains, odds are you may have one or are looking into getting one. If so, you may want to consider getting one that will not only help you get fitter, but happier. Spire is the activity tracker that can help you change your mood. 

Fitness trackers, in general, monitor your activity and your sleep patterns. They feed you data, like heart rate, steps taken and the hours you've slept, so that you can become more efficient in your activity and be a healthier person. Spire takes a different approach. This little device tracks your breathing patterns and sends you alerts when you haven't taken a deep breath in a while or when your breathing is erratic.

Spire Activity TrackerSpire Activity Tracker

Spire is a small, clip on device that records small vibrations and abdominal movements caused by inhalation or exhalation. It can then assess your mood by your breathing patterns, and it will put that assessment into one of four groups: calm, tense, active or focused. 

If you're tense, Spire can send you an alert via your smart phone. The Spire app not only records data about your breath and current state. It can lead you through breathing activities to calm you if you're tense or remind you to take a deep breath. In doing this, it allows you to refocus on the moment, drop your heart rate and alleviate stress.

Spire's AppSpire's App

The clip on Spire device is water-proof and sweat-proof. It comes with a Qi-compatable wireless charger (which will charge other Qi-compatable devices) and will charge fully in about 3 hours. When fully charged, the Spire can record your activity and breath for about 7 days. 

The direction Spire takes in the Health and Wellness arena deviates from the traditional "measure-your-steps-and-heart-beat" path. Spire approaches Health with happiness and a calming peace in mind. If you feel like you're over stressed or you need work in staying in the moment, this little gadget may be perfect for you.

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