The Split Stick – Two USB Flash Drives In One!

Do you face the dilemma of having to keep track of several fragile USB flash drives for your work? A lot of us do, in this day and age. Luckily, someone named Marc Zeth has taken it upon himself to build a neat solution to our problems, and has enlisted the help of and a whopping 326 “influencers” to do so.



The fruit of this collaboration is the Split Stick. With two separate flash drives in one plastic enclosure, it aims to reduce the amount of drives hanging on our keychains by a good 50%.



Currently available in a 4GB-per-side (8GB total) capacity, the Split Stick measures a scant 23 x 67mm, is approximately 6mm thick, and weighs nine grams. Both sides use the standard USB 2.0 interface. If you're wondering about performance, you'll be hard pressed to get more than a 24MB/s read speed and an 8MB/s write speed out of either of the Split Stick's drives, but most users won't need to worry too much. (See the source link for more performance information.)



Quirky are currently charging $24.99 per 'Stick on their main website, and can also be bought on Amazon , though at the moment the devices only seem to be available in black. Hopefully the company will release an updated version featuring USB 3.0, higher capacities, more colors and extra labeling options sometime in the near future.

(Source and photos via Gigazine)

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Apr 24, 2012
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