Spongeables Replace Bacteria-Laden Shower Sponges


Is there anything more disgusting than a drippy, bacteria infested shower sponge or bath puff?   I mean, after a while there is just no telling what is in there.  Sure, they are great for building up a soapy lather that makes you feel clean and refreshed, but they likely leave you much dirtier than before you showered.  Not to mention the awful things that they are probably leaving behind in your shower and on any other items they come in contact with.



Spongeables have been created to take care of this little problem.  They are formulated to last for only a specified amount of uses.  Each one is infused with a specific cleansing product that is made to be released over the life of the particular sponge.   Even better, the sponges are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. 




Spongeables come in a variety of fun colors and shapes with a range of time-release cleansing and beautifying products built in.  They have lasting times of 3 uses up to 30 uses and would be a great item to bring on a vacation instead of packing other potentially leaky cleansing products.  Another idea is to use them out camping for a quick and easy clean up.  You could also keep a supply on hand for houseguests so that they do not have to borrow any of your shower stuff.



Source: Spongeables.com

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