Spooky EcoDecor: X-Ray Lamps

While searching the web for interesting eco-friendly Halloween décor I came across a few lamps, by different artists, reupholstered with x-rays. If x-rays weren't creepy already, have them wrapped around your lampshades for a constant reminder of skeletons and death. Take a look at these five interesting lamps below.


1. X-Ray Lamp School Project

via sturepallarp.sevia sturepallarp.se


This x-ray lamp was made by Sture Pallarp in collaboration with Elin Hedlund and Emmelie Karlström for a school assignment. The lampshade is made from X-ray film. Sture Pallarp is a BA student at Beckmans College of Design.



2. X-Ray Lamp With Doc Marks

via salome Etsy shopvia salome Etsy shop


The x-ray lampshade is made with trashed chiropractic x-rays. There are even doctor's marks still visible on the x-ray. The artist responsible is an Etsy seller is Salome from Bellingham WA.



3. X-Ray Lamp Collage

via KarmaCrumbs Etsyvia KarmaCrumbs Etsy

KarmaCrumbs, another Etsy seller made this collage looking x-ray lamp. KarmaCrumbs collected a number of x-rays for a school project and discovered trashing them was harmful for the environment. So she used a variety of different x-rays to make this cool looking x-ray lamp collage.




4. X-Ray Fish Tank Lamp

via Fernando on Picasavia Fernando on Picasa


This x-ray lamp picture posted by Fernando appears to be installed in a fish tank. At the moment I do not have the name of the artist or photographer.




5. X-Ray Lamp of Death

via fabius maximus 2.0 on Flickrvia fabius maximus 2.0 on Flickr


This x-ray lamp published on Flickr by fabius maximus 2.0 is the last on the list, but not least interesting. Like the previous lamp I know very little information about this recycled x-ray lamp and it is also difficult to tell what the image is. Is it a brain?


For proper and eco-friendly disposal of x-rays visit xrayfilmrecycling.com.