Made To Order Spooky Shades For Your Interior Lights

Naked lamps can be harsh on the eyes, but also on your interior design. An interesting lamp or chandelier shade allows your light to make a design statement that can change the whole atmosphere of its surroundings. Take this mildly spooky Lampshade by British textile artist Julie Roberts...


Julie Roberts, who has her design degree in textile crafts, makes these beautiful, if eerie, Lampshades herself, to order, in colors of your choosing. They are made in spheres, 13" and 16" around, and cost about $160 each. Not quite as spooky, more intimate perhaps than the blue and white Lampshade above, here is a more subtle, spooky Lampshade in purple...



Below a gathering of white Lampshades sans lamps, called Vessel Circle, for about $240.



And if you admire Ms. Roberts craft, she’s designed some very unique window shades to accent your décor, using her trademark paper/textile material.



Have a fun place to put your face? These double-layer paper and textile framed Mirrors will make you smile and reflect the spontaneity of your décor. Price about $240 each.



Julie Roberts also creates clothing and jewelry from paper and textiles. To see more of her work, visit her website . It's not all spooky, not at all.


If you would like to see some really spooky decor, check this out: Gargoyle Lighting and Furniture Design: 10 To Keep Evil Away!

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