Sport Equipment From The Future: Hoverboard

Back when I was a kid, the Back to the Future trilogy was among my favorite set of movies. It's been a good 15 years since I last watched them, but a few things still stick in my mind: Biff, giant high-top sneakers that lace automatically and, of course, the pink hoverboard.

That hoverboard is possibly the most iconic piece of the trilogy, so I was pretty overjoyed when I came across this hoverboard replica designed by Nils Guadagnin.

"Anyone can design a plastic, pink hoverboard when it doesn't have to hover," you say? Well, the difference is this board actually does hover. Yes, Guadagnin did a lot more than just sculpt a hunk of plastic to look like a pink, wheeless skateboard: he installed a magnetic levitation system that allows the board to hover over the ground. There's also a laser stabilization system to keep the board on track.

Unfortunately, the authenticity ends there: the board won't actually support a person's weight and won't provide the next skating craze. But it sure is a pretty cool replica. Hopefully, Guadagnin will sell this to some BTTF-obsessed super-geek. Or maybe he is one himself. 

See his creation in action below: 

Now if someone could just come up with an authentic pair of those Nikes, we'd come full circle. Five more years and counting...

Via: Dvice