Sportier Sex: MovModa "Performance Lingerie"

Imagine this: you're on a three-day backpacking trip with your wife or girlfriend. You set-up camp in the wilderness and there isn't a soul around. You're sitting around enjoying a snack and beverage, when the fact that you're miles from civilization and no one can hear you no matter what you do slowly sinks into your heads and makes you both a little frisky. You slip into the tent, zip up the windows and begin to get down to business.

Then you realize something: your gal's sweaty, breast-flattening sports bra and polypro long johns are about the least sexy things that you've ever laid eyes on. She's undoubtedly thinking the same thing about your pit-stained Capilene shirt and thigh-suffocating boxer briefs. Suddenly you both come down with an instant headache and decide that turning in early--despite having the rare opportunity to get as uninhibited as you want--is the right decision. So much for backcountry bootie. 


The MovModa line of performance lingerie for cycling debuted last month to ensure that that situation doesn't need to happen to you. The line attempts to blend the high-performance comfort of sport-specific garments with the sleek, sensual nature of lingerie. In the name of cycling performance, you won't find any lace on MovModa garments, but you will find a sexier look complete with labia-hugging boy shorts and soft, flattering bras and tops. There's even a little something called the "Thong Short." Meanwhile, the athletic cut and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you performing your best.

Movmoda president Kerry Mann explains: "We wanted to create a product that evokes sensuality and blends key ingredients: a dash of sex appeal, a flirty touch and a lot of comfort." 

MovModa garments will hit the market in January of next year with prices starting around $50. You can get familiar with their line at their website. 

Via Gear Junkie