Sporting Excess: Chanel Skis

I recently covered a pair of Bentley skis for another blog. Built by Zai, the skis should make the average person think: "People are starving in our own country and some pompous jackbags have the nerve to pay $9,800 for a pair of skis!!" More accurately, for a Bentley logo.

Chanel SkisChanel Skis

No matter how poor of a judgement that product was at this particular time in the history of economics, at least Bentley is known for luxury, speed and power. Chanel, on the other hand, may emulate luxury, but power and speed? Not unless an 85 lb. model conveys power or the speed refers to women rushing the opening of its flagship after a new handbag drops.

So why a pair of Chanel skis? I suppose so the pseudo-celebreties at Aspen and Sun Valley can complement their mink-lined ski coats.

These Chanel parabolic skis feature construction of aluminum, rosewood and fiberglass. Outside of the stylish wood-themed top sheet, which I'll admit that I like, and Chanel logo, which it should be obvious I don't, the skis don't seem to offer anything too special. However, I'm sure Chanel didn't jump into the ski market to compete with Atomic and Salomon, so I'd bet they're way more money than anyone should ever spend on a pair of skis. Unfortunately, Chanel failed to list a price to confirm my suspicions with. I won't be checking back often.

If skiing isn't your thing, Chanel also offers a snowboard and a variety of other sports "gear" including bikes and tennis rackets.

Chanel via The Goat