Sports Cars Compatible With Macs And PCs

Many of us had our hopes that one day we'd be able to buy a fast, sleek sports car, one that would make every guy, chick, and child's jaw drop. We'd be sooo cool.

The economy may have put a damper on our luxury sports car dreams, but Street Wise has made it possible to acquire a few of these cars in a different way....

The computer mouse way.

Sorry to disappoint. I just thought I'd share my frustration and my current remedy for Lamborghini envy. The TVR Tuscan. I just always wanted one, and I found a way to get my hands on one... well, at least one hand... The TVR Tuscan has been licensed as a mouse.

Don't be let down. The TVR Tuscan has been dubbed the world's sexiest mouse. And it's quite a good likeness to its namesake; it even has tinted windows! Made by Street Mouse, the TVR Tuscan manages to work a very ergonomic mouse into the sexy body of the TVR without hampering either one's good looks or performance. In addition to the latest wireless technology - radio frequency -- the 800 DPI licensed TVR mouse comes with a USB receiver, battery saving mode, two operational buttons and scroll wheel for PCs and MACs. The TVR even gives great LED headlights -- with an on/off switch to save the battery.

The TVR Tuscan Street Mouse comes in your favorite sports car colors: black, blue, red, yellow, silver, and white. But you have to search for them; very few sites carry more than one color, for some reason.

A similar radio frequency sports car mouse by Street Mouse is a generic stealth sports car with the same features as the TVR Tuscan, tinted windows and all!

And if you don't mind hanging around with a wired mouse, you can get a BMW mouse and it comes in several colors. This is an optical mouse, also 800 DPI, also ergonomic, well-rated, and compatible with most Windows and MAC operating systems.

Watch out for those headlights!


The BMW's are pretty cool looking too!

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