Spot Is The Coolest Smart Home Camera Ever

Homeowners everywhere these days want the best when it comes to home security systems and home cameras.

As technology is rapidly advancing, those who own a home want the best for less.

Meet Spot – a new home camera. But this device is way, way more than just a camera. It’s a camera that acts as your new friend, your gatekeeper, your ears, your eyes, your intercom and your link to your home.

Consider Spot as a new family member.

The makers of this new invention are iSmartAlarm, a popular home security company based in Sunnyvale, California.

Its team of inventors claims that, “Spot is the coolest way to monitor your home – easy to use, packed with features and affordable.”

Spot On Technology

This new HD smart home camera is a first-of-its-kind that does all the work for you. It’s an intelligent and cute looking white colored camera that is small but powerful (50mm x 50mm x 56mm). And it only takes a few minutes to set up the device once you get it out of the box. With a few simple steps, Spot is up and running.

A big selling feature with this device is that it provides a sound recognition (patent-pending) algorithm that will keep you in tune when emergencies happen. So, when your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide monitor goes off, Spot will send you an instant notification to your smartphone, tablet or desktop, informing you exactly what the problem is, and it even reports an emergency for you.

And it also has a motion detection feature so you are always informed when a person or pet is moving around in your home. So, if you see someone you don’t know in  your home, you simply click your smartphone or tablet and Spot alerts the police.

It also has a time lapse feature which allows you to take hours, days or weeks of footage and capture it in only minutes, or however long you want. 

The device comes equipped with a magnetic base plate for wall mounting and legs that are flexible which means that you can perfectly capture any area of your home.

It also has a two-way audio system which allows you to listen to what’s going on in your home and you can chat with anyone you wish. The device has a built-in microphone and speaker. You can tell your puppy to get off the couch, tell your son or daughter that party time is over, and you can even warn a burglar that you are watching them and the police are on their way.

The camera also has superb night vision with its high strength LEDs. Spot lights up the night and provides you with a clear view of your areas in real-time.

Through its app, you can watch your home from anywhere in the world with its HD streaming video. Everything that Spot captures is stored on a free cloud video storage platform and this allows you to record and view events when and where you want via your mobile device, or tablet.

Spot Everything For Less

Another huge selling feature with this new home camera is that it is totally affordable. Yes, Spot is only retails for $49.00, so it will be a hit on the market. This device provides everything you want. With Spot you get the best without having to break the bank.

And you can also place as many Spot cameras as you want in rooms around your home. And you can view streaming video of your home and communicate with family members, pets, and even crooks (well let’s hope not) all through your smartphone or tablet.

Spot is sound technology that’s for sure.

Are you looking to spot activity around your home?