Spot It! Reinvents Classic Matching Game Genre

Blue Orange, makers of the award-winning matching card game “Spot It!,” has made the most interesting innovation of the genre since Milton Bradley’s “Guess Who?” made its debut 1979. That’s a pretty remarkable achievement for a set of 55 cards and a tin!

The basic game of Spot It! is very simple: you pull two cards from the tin, place them both face up and see who can spot the two matching objects first. The truly impressive thing about this game is that out of the seemingly random collection of eight symbols on each card, you will always find a single match between them. I’m sure that the team behind this original game must’ve wracked their brains to come up with the perfect algorithm to create such a perfect pattern, but for the millions of families that have adopted Spot It! into their game closets, it was well worth their efforts.

If the “classic” array of yellow dog, green dinosaur and purple candle symbols aren’t cutting it for your little ones, but you want to challenge your entire family in a fast paced Spot It! matching frenzy, I encourage you to take a look at the easier Spot It! Junior, Alphabet and Numbers & Shapes sets. After all, you don’t want the big kids to hog all of the fun!

Between the extraordinary way that every card combination tests your tiger-like reflexes, its colorful art and the no-brainer rules, it’s clear to see why Spot It!’s popularity continues to grow nationwide. Now if only Blue Orange made a Dinosaur edition of Spot It!...
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