Can You Spot the Tah-Tahs? Great Boobs In Advertising

Breasts.  Nah-nahs.  Hooters.  Over-sized Mammary Glands.  Jugs.  The Twins.  Jumblies.  Titties.  Knockers.  Tah-Tahs.  Boobs.

That's about all I've got, but I'm sure that there are other terms out there for one of the most popular marketing tools God ever created.  The male fascination with boobs cannot be questioned.  It is pretty much a global phenomenon, connecting races, cultures, and advertising firms world-wide.

What cracks me up, however, is that it isn't necessary to even use real boobs in ads.  Sure, it's easy to through a beautiful woman into a bikini and have her hold a product at just the right height to get the "male gaze."

See?  Hell, she didn't even have to hold a product in this ad!  I think there's some writing in there somewhere...

But some ads just go for the nuance... the notion that there may just be a boob lurking somewhere in the image.


Great Boob Ad #1: Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Awareness


In this case there are three boobs.  Sort'a.  They're just reduced down to their base visual components.  The copy reads "I can never remember" beside the single breast representation and "I do the self-examination" next to the pair.

This is quite a smart little ad campaign.  The minimalist approach is quite effective and the message is very clear.




Great Boob Ad #2: TBWA Worldwide Network


At first glance the selection of Christmas gift bags requested for TBWA's Carbon Neutral Challenge are quite innocuous.  Until you get to this one, that is:



Um... Yeah.  There's more than just boobs in that picture...




Great Boob Ad #3: Wonderbra


Looks like a nice fit to me!




Great Boob Ad #4: Axe-Instinct


This is quite an innovative campaign.  In order to see the product you have to unzip the leather jacket.

But I'm a bit confused.  Axe is a spray scent for men, right?  So why boobs?

Ah!  Of course, it's obvious.  Men like boobs, and will unzip the jacket to see them.  Even if they're two dimensional and in a magazine.

That's a bit disturbing to me...




Great Boob Ad #5:


Oh, the little birdy is so cute!  I just want to hold it, and pet it, and rub its little boobs... uh, I mean eyes.  Eyes, that's it.  That's what I mean.

I wonder if he can see while it's lactating?



Jan 26, 2010
by Anonymous


For the record: I saw absolutely nothing wrong with any of those ads.

That is all.