Can You Spot the Tah-Tahs? Great Boobs In Advertising



Boob Ad #6: Faber



Oh, for the love of God make it go away!!!!  It's like something from Dr. Moreau's kitchen!

Yeah, yeah.  Obscure reference.  But those of you out there who got it... well, it was worth it.

And for a chicken/human hybrid, she's got nice boobs.  Sorry.  Couldn't help myself.




Boob Ad #7:  New York Fries


Remember what I said about product placement right at boob level?  Well, here ya go.  You can't get more blatant than this ad.

But this ad raises itself above the rest by being self-aware.  Placing "real" fries in an ad with "fake" boobs, then adding the copy "Real Fries in a Fake World" is quite clever.  It manages to be sexy, funny, and (if the fries are that good) delicious-all in one little ad.




Boob Ad #8: Bit Copa Beer


Obviously we're getting away from the subtle uses of boobs in advertising.  I mean, c'mon.  There they are.  All painted and such...

I've seen a few ads in this campaign and find them to be funny and creative.  However, I've yet to try the beer...




Boob Ad #9: Pantene


Um...  There's a product in here somewhere.  I'm just not sure where it is...  Oh, wait.  That little, tiny picture just to the right of her boobs.

I tried to talk to a girl like that once.  This was the result:


Boob Ad #10: Bynolyt Binoculars


Yes, I was once an old, Eskimo gentleman.  I thought she was a mirage, what with bein' naked and all in the snow.

She hit hard for a mirage...

Seen any good uses of boobs in advertising?  Feel free to let me know!


SOURCES: Ads of the World, AdFreak

John Barker
Clever Ads, Promotions and Marketing

Jan 26, 2010
by Anonymous


For the record: I saw absolutely nothing wrong with any of those ads.

That is all.