SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker: Handheld GPS Device is a Lifesaver

If your teenager frequently travels to sporting events or goes hiking in the woods, the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger may be a parent's dream-come-true!  Although this device provides peace-of-mind to parents, it is handy for just about anyone. 

Have you ever needed help or been stranded out in the boonies just to find your cell phone died or you were out of range?  Or how many times have we heard the tragic stories of people getting injured or lost out in the wilderness, and found by emergency responders when it was far too late?  Whether your spouse is heading out on a weekend ski trip, your dad is an avid fisherman or if you are a die-hard mountain climber, this compact device could be a lifesaver.  Touted as the "World's First Satellite Messenger," the rugged device is said to be responsible for 110 rescues worldwide to date!

SPOT Satellite GPS MessengerSPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

 So, how does it work?  The colorful handheld device shows the users location from nearly anywhere in the world regardless of cellular range.  SPOT actually sends GPS over a commercial satellite network in real time. SPOT provides a variety of ways to stay in contact with others.  SPOT users are able to request roadside assistance or send messages to loved ones.  Contacts are able to visually track the user's location on Google Maps no matter how remote.  But most importantly, with the simple push of a button, SPOT will alert 9-1-1 emergency responders if there is an emergency situation.

Spot Specifics:

  • The device is simple to use.
  • SPOT users can send a personalized "I'm OK" message to up to 10 contacts by using the "Check OK" button.  Text messages are sent to contact's cell phones or email addresses.
  • Users can also send non-threatening emergency messages to up to 10 contacts via text message or email. The exact location will be sent to contacts every five minutes for one hour.
  • By pushing the 9-1-1- button, the users location will be sent to the GEOS center every five minutes for up to 14 days.
  • Those on the contact list can actually track the SPOT user in real-time on Google Maps.
  • The bright orange and black handheld weighs about 7 ounces.
  • SPOT is waterproof for up to 30 minutes and it floats.
  • Includes 2 AA lithium batteries.

SPOT recently received the First Annual Good Housekeeping Very Innovative Product Award, an award given to new products that "performed exceptionally well" by the research institute.   

SPOT in the boxSPOT in the box 

SPOT retails for $169.99 and offers a variety of affordable service plans.  Three colorful cases are available for purchase as well.

If you are ever in a tight spot, the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger just may save your life.


Sources:  Spot Satellite Messenger and Good Housekeeping   Photo:  GPS Magazine


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