Put The Spotlight On Your Business Card: How To Make It Stand Out From The Rest

When you choose to create business cards, it is important to keep some basics in mind. First of all, you will be handing out your business cards to people. You need to keep your business card simple, yet convey the information that people need about your company.

Business Card Tip #1: Don’t print your own business cards, keep them professional. You won’t pay much money for professionally designed business cards, and they look so much better than home printed cards.

Business Card Tip#2: Provide important basic information and do not clutter up your business card. Your card should have the company name, your name (if you want to give it out) a logo, your web page address, an email address, a physical address (if there is one), your phone number and a fax number if you have one.

Business Card Tip #3: Keep the back of the card blank. When you hand out a card, you can write a personal note on the back for the person you give it to.

Business Card Tip #4: Don’t always go with the lowest cost card producer. The cost of a reasonable amount of business cards is not that expensive and the cards will last you for quite some time unless you hand them out often.

Business Card Tip #5: Add a tag line to your business card. The tag line can be in bold type should be located in the middle of the card – centred for clarity. The tag line describes what your business does in a short and clever manner.

Business Card Tip #6: Add a logo to your card. Never use cheap clip art, it makes your card seem a lot less professional. You can have a simple logo designed for around $25.00.

Business Card Tip #7: Always choose a standard sized business card. Odd sized cards will not fit properly into people’s wallets and probably won’t be kept. There is no point in spending extra money on a card that will only end up in the garbage.

Business Card Tip #8: Ensure that you include your website address in your card. If you do not have a website, create one. Depending upon what line of business you are in, people equate websites to instant credibility. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Business Card Tip #9: Make sure your business card is easy to read. Use a light background with a dark type so that the information is clear and a person can easily see all of the information contained on the card.

Business Card Tip #10: Always check the proof of your business card before the final cards are printed. Check for typographical errors and misprints – wrong phone number, wrong website address, etc. If you receive cards that have errors on them, you cannot use them, so it will be a huge waste of your time and money.

You only get about ten seconds to make a good impression, so it is important to get it right with a professional looking business card.

Source: Entrepreneur