Sprayable Energy: A Caffeinated Energy Drink For Your Skin



Sprayable Energy or 30 cups of coffee?Sprayable Energy or 30 cups of coffee?Move over Starbucks and Red Bull!  Two San Francisco-based entrepreneurs have developed an energy drink that's not at all palatable: in fact; in spray form, this caffeinated concoction is absorbed through your skin.  The product, Sprayable Energy, is packaged in an attractive pocket-sized spray vial, is now seeking crowdsource funding through indiegogo.

Though caffeine is an ingredient in some skin creams, its benefits are considered more cosmetic than systemic.  Ben Yu and Deven Soni, the co-developers of Sprayable Energy, have apparently packed enough caffeine into their formula to give you a few energy punches without making you nervous or hyperactive.  Two-to-four spritzes around your neck and chest are said to give you the ability to focus on whatever your task at hand.  And you can use up to six times in four hours, but no more than 24 sprays in one day.  The prototype spray bottle contains 40 sprays of a proprietal compound including caffeine and a derivative of tyrosine.



Sprayable Energy is not advised for use during pregnancy or by those who have caffeine sensitivity, nor is it recommended for use along with potable energy drinks, although if coffee, for example, is imbibed in moderation, some Sprayable Energy may be used in moderation as well.

Sprayable Energy offers a variety of special offers for funders, anywhere from a $15 contribution for a "Starter Pack" to a $449 donation, which supplies you enough Sprayable Energy to outrun a "legion of Zombies," otherwise known as a two-year supply of the stuff.  Check it out here.