Ewww. Barfing Toothpaste Caps...

Numerous ploys have been created to get kids to brush their teeth:

Light-up toothbrushes

Bubble Gum flavored toothpaste

Toothbrushes based on cartoon characters

I have a Batman toothbrush, thank you very much.  And in saying that, I realize that I fall squarely into the marketing gimmicks used to get kids to brush.  And that makes me feel good, because I want to retain all of the "kid" in me that I can.

This being the case, you gotta know that I love these things:

Toothpaste Spread HeadsToothpaste Spread Heads

These caps do exactly what it looks like: replace the existing cap that comes with the tube of toothpaste.  In turn you get a little puking animal.  I think the little dog barfing toothpaste is just plain cute.

Of course a real dog barfing toothpaste would be... disturbing to say the least.

I can't say the same about the cat, however.  It sort'a creeps me out.

That's kind'a scary...That's kind'a scary...

But, I can't deny that this is an innovative gimmick to get kids to brush.

Black Lab Products, LLC, previously hit the market with lids for ketchup and mustard.


I tutor a kid who looks just like this...I tutor a kid who looks just like this...

While these are much more on the gross side, I find them even more fun than the toothbrush cappers-which try to be a little too cutesy for the kiddies. (See more about the mustard and ketchup lids here.)

So, while the kid in me likes the Spread Heads, I want something more disgusting.  I dunno... like a hurling rat or something...

Head on over to see the whole Spread Heads collection to entice your kids to brush with fun!

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