Spring Is In The Air! Top 10 Businesses For Spring 2009

Top 10 Business Ideas -6. Link Lessons


So you've vowed that this spring you will start to hit the links, but having never golfed much before you're embarrassed to step out onto a course or admit your inexperience or lack of skills to a golf instructor. With Link Lessons, prospective golfers can upload a video of their swing to receive feedback from golf pros as well as in-depth online, video lessons so you don't have to show your face on a course until you're good and ready!

Top 10 Business Ideas - 7. Rent-a-Garden


In order to prepare your garden for spring, without needing a green thumb, you can turn to Dutch-based Rent-a-Garden. The landscaping company specializes in garden makeovers, but the catch is that they're temporary. For a fee of 300 Euro for 3 months, including installation of plants, flowers, and planters and upkeep, people can give their home gardens a spring overhaul. For those looking to sell their homes this spring, it's also a great way to add temporary curb appeal to the home, without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Top 10 Business Ideas - 8. Landshare

Want to grow your own fresh fruits, vegetables and other plants this spring but just don't have the land of your own to accommodate a garden? Use Landshare to connect with those willing to let you use some of the land on their property. For a fee, and a donation of fresh produce, you can create the garden of your dreams without ever having to move.

Top 10 Business Ideas -9. Biceberg

Another concept for urban bicycle commuters, Biceberg is an automated storage unit for Spanish cyclists to store their bikes when they get to their destination. The Biceberg machine is connected to an underground storage unit and transfers your bike from ground level using a bicycle vending machine technology. Cyclists can store and retrieve their bikes using a unique microchip and PIN number to identify both themselves and the horse they road in on.

Top 10 Business Ideas - 10. AquaClimb


While what AquaClimb has to offer might be a little far-fetched for spring installation in your own backyard, when spring rolls around it's time to start thinking about preparing your backyard pool for the warm weather. AquaClimb's specialty is poolside climbing walls which will run you about $10,000 USD including installation. The fiberglass climbing walls can easily fit with any pool size and feature adjustable climbing rocks and hand-holds to change the climbing challenges. Naturally, with such a big pricetag AquaClimb has primarily been popular with public pools, water parks and the like, but if you're looking for something special to spruce up your residential pool this spring - this could be it.


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Beth Graddon-Hodgson
New Business Ideas