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Christine Goff began writing novels after several false starts working as an ice cream store manager, a ski bum and on "the chain gang" (not that kind of "chain gang!") A former journalist and editor, two of her novels were named finalists for the Willa Literary Award. Her website is at christinegoff.com. She wanted to share the latest fitness innovations with the readers of InventorSpot.com.

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According to the latest media use statistics, “four in five of all U.S. adults—or an estimated 178 million people—go online.” According to the local TV news station, a new trend in teenagers shows that driving-aged teens are putting off learning to drive in order to connect with their friends and to blog online; and, according to IDC, the average internet user spends 32.7 hours per week on the internet. That is 4.67 hours a day, and I am willing to bet, based on the number of hours I spend online (12 so far today), the average blogger spends that—and more. You factor in work, eating, sleeping, family and friends, and your world’s complete—except for exercise.

Well, don’t get too worried about packing on those extra pounds, you now have the Springflex UB .

Up until now, about all you could do at your computer is risk a variety of repetitive strain injury (RSI )--also referred to as repetitive stress injury or occupational overuse syndrome—a condition brought on by repeated movement that impacts your nerves and tendons—such as the repetitive motion of using a computer mouse, for example. No one denies that the up-tick in computer usage is responsible for an upsurge in carpal tunnel syndrome.

Now, with Springflex, at least the added dangers of sedentary computer use—lowered metabolism and weight gain—can be a thing of the past. All you have to do is attach the Springflex to your desk, and you can do your workout in front of the PC. You can do over 120 exercises that tone and firm your upper body, virtually anywhere. It doesn’t make claims for the health of your lower body, but, hey, it’s your upper body tone that makes you look hot. Using Springflex, you can give your arms and shoulders a workout while you read your email, favorite blogs. The question is how do you use your mouse? Maybe they could build one in to the handle apparatus. Then you could plug the Springflex UB into the USB and keep working on your RSI.

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