Sprint, AT&T To Get Compatible Versions Of Google's Nexus One

The highly anticipated Google-branded smartphone has seen very limited success with its launch on T-Mobile, but will launches on AT&T and Sprint make up for the disappointing sales numbers?  A recent item on Gizmodo suggests that the phone will start supporting frequency bands that will enable it for other service providers.

Right now, the Nexus One only runs 3G on T-Mobile's network.  You can purchase a version of the phone that is unlocked and use it with any provider, but the phone doesn't have support for the 3G networks outside of T-Mobile.  The long and short of it is that even if you get a Nexus One running on AT&T, you won't be getting full 3G service, rendering the flashy phone essentially useless (and expensive at $530 for the unlocked version).

With a whopping 5 megapixels in the camera, integration of all Google services, beautiful compacitive touch screen, and innovative operating system based off the latest version of Android, it's something of a wonder why the phone hasn't performed better in the cell phone market.  Some indicate that Google's promotion for the phone is limited to tech geeks and Google nerds.  Google has no commercial for the phone, and  the fact that the phone doesn't work correctly with all providers is certainly a downer.

Graph via Wired.comGraph via Wired.com

Having sold just 20,000 units during the week of its launch, Google will have to put a little jet fuel in their sales engines if they want to compete with the likes of the iPhone and the Droid.  In Sprint's response to the Gizmodo inquiry, the service provider seems to be indicating that there will be a marketing campaign around the launch date.  If Sprint learns from Google's mistakes during the initial launch, maybe the Nexus One will become more of a household name than it is right now, and sales numbers will get up to where they should be.