Sprize : Service Notifies Shoppers When Their Purchase Drops In Price!

With all the holiday shopping each and every one of us are doing, be it online or while braving the crowds at the malls, there's a good chance that one of those purchases is going to be subject of a price cut. A deal is great, but there's no time to comparison shop after a purchase has been made, which is why Sprize is offering a solution.


Currently available only at participating GAP stores, Sprize allows shoppers to provide their contact information so that they can be notified if their purchased items go on sale within 45 days after purchased. As an added benefit, since no one wants to drag themselves back into the crowds at the mall during the holiday season if they don't have to, the price difference is actually credited to the shopper's Sprize account.

A service like this saves time and money, and there's no better combination! The program has launched just in time for the holidays, and hopefully this is a trend here to stay with other stores getting on board!

Via: Springwise

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons