Sproing Is An Unique Version Of The Treadmill And An Innovative Fitness System

Sproing FitnessSproing Fitness

The treadmills of today are very similar to the first treadmills. Of course, today we have things like audio and television options and senors that measure heart rate, but the concept and design are the same--there's a moving belt, on which you run. However, Sproing has diverted from that design and offers a few alternatives to the traditional treadmill.

What makes the Sproing machines different is the absence of a moving belt. How then, you ask, does one actually run on a Sproing? The answer comes in the form of a harness, worn by the runner, which is anchored at the back of the machine. The harness allows a forward lean, which not only allows you to run in place, but also promotes proper running form. 

Sproing machines also employ a cushioned running surface. Traditional treadmills are notorious for high joint impact. The Sproing's cushioned surface reduces the impact put on the knees by half, the back by 41% and the ankles by 32%. Running on a Sproing is like running on the beach (and not the loose sand that gives your calves a good burn). 

Sproing TrainingSproing Training

Sproing offers three treadmill alternatives: the Sproing Runner, the Sproing Trainer and the Sproing Pro, which was developed for elite athletes. The Runner is the simplest design. The Trainer incorporates a resistance training system, which allows you to transition between cardio and resistance exercises. The Pro offers the same benefits as the Trainer with less of the bulk (i.e. the safety rails).

Utilizing the resistance training provided by the Trainer and Pro, Sproing has developed Sproing Sport, a new fitness system. This system is a High Intensity Interval Training system that incorporates strength training, cardio, power and balance. With this system, you can train with one machine in very limited space. 

The Sproing trainers can be found in some gyms now. You can also find out more about these products on the Sproing site, and you can contact Sproing about the availability of their machines.