Spy Camera and MP3 Sunglasses - For the Super Sleuth in Your Family

This pair of sunglasses does way more than protect your eyes from the sun.  The sunglasses, from Brando, is a 1.3 mega pixel digital camera that comes with either 1, 2 or 4 gigs of internal memory.  The wireless remote control can be hidden just about anywhere,  which allows you to take photographs without even touching your sunglasses.   Just push the button on the remote and snap a pic.  How James Bond is that?

USB Spy Camera and MP3 SunglassesUSB Spy Camera and MP3 Sunglasses

Besides being able to take photos without anyone knowing,  this pair of sunglasses also includes a handy-dandy MP3 player.  The comfy stereo ear-buds are embedded right into the frame.The sunglasses include a rechargeable battery which provides hours of non-stop fun.  The sunglasses use a USB 2.0 connection to recharge the battery and to upload pictures to your computer.  The polarized lenses, from Polaroid, are UV coated.

USB Spy Camera and MP3 SunglassesUSB Spy Camera and MP3 Sunglasses

The USB Spy Camera and MP3 Sunglasses include the frames, wireless remote with strap, replaceable flip-up lens, USB cable, case and cleaning cloths.  The retail price is under $100, depending on which internal memory package you select.  (Update: These sunglasses are no longer available. Other spy sunglasses are available here.)

Photographs:   ThinkGeek and Brando



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