The Spy Camera T-Shirt Gives You The Real Deal

Something wacky this way comes. We've seen spy cameras smartly hidden in pens and watches, but this has got to be the first: the spy camera t-shirt. It's not something that you can really use in the office unless you've got Casual Wednesdays or Fridays but you can literally capture any scene in front of you whenever you want (or need) to.

The electronic spy camera t-shirt is an in-your-face kinda thing because it clearly depicts a James Bond-looking character holding up a camera to his face. Unbeknownst to everyone but you (and all the others who've already seen or heard of the shirt because it's only available in one design, unfortunately), there is a real, working camera just hidden beneath the surface.

It's meant more for novelty purposes, of course. The camera is hooked up to a vibrating feedback remote that you could keep hidden in your pocket. Its memory can store over 150 photos in 640x480 resolution.

The electronic parts are completely removable so you can throw the shirt right into the wash. (In this case, you could also just get another shirt and punch a discreet hole in it somewhere if you want to use the camera with a different shirt.)

And remember: stay very still while you take your shots.

Here's an amusing video from ThinkGeek about a possible scenario when you can use your electronic spy camera t-shirt:

Before I go, I leave you with the some more specs and features of the spy camera shirt:

  • Use the pocket based remote to shoot color digital photos
  • Vibration feedback shutter lets you know when you've taken a new shot
  • Plug in with USB to download photos
  • Works with any OS including Mac, Linux and Windows
  • Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)

You can get the Electronic Spy Camera shirt here: ThinkGeek


Apr 13, 2011
by Anonymous


Fun for parties
But great for Indiscreet Security
Party Control
ID Guests??
Miscl shots.