Frequency Blocking Bag Disables Cell Phones

Cell phones are every where; no matter where you look everyone has one. It is really no wonder that cell phones are now quickly becoming a chosen weapon used to spy on people, block communications or just flat out annoy people beyond all reason.

A new product that caught my eye in the realm of spy technology is one that you'll think is mighty important if you too are among the millions that own a cell phone. It is called a Frequency Blocking Bag and is manufactured by Tayx Ltd , a China based company. This is a good, inexpensive tool for people who need to disable cell phones in order to obtain the full attention and cooperation of their intended target... for instance, a spy or covert operative of some sort. Then again, I am sure hundreds of not so covert uses will surface shortly as it usually happens when something like this emerges for the public to buy.

At around $5, you can own this small layered bag that can make any cell phone a useless piece of junk. That's right, by simply placing the cell phone in the bag and sealing it, waiting a few seconds you will render the cell phone inoperable. Once rendered inoperable, the cell phone will just "unavailable" or "network busy" and leave the target devoid of a means of communication without any clue that they have just been blocked.

This product's sole purpose is to block all wireless frequencies. This means that it disables GPS/GSM trackers as well as any signals coming in or trying to be produced by the cell phone itself because of the special mesh fabrics it is made with. So, in short, this small, simple innovation has great potential on the tech scene. 

Update: The items in this article are no longer available. But a large selection of  cell phone blocking cases are available here.  

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Jul 5, 2008
by Anonymous

It probably drains the batteries

If there's even a little leakage, the phone will think it might reach the tower if it cranks its radio up to full power ... thus draining your batteries faster.

One alternative to using this pouch is to simply pop the battery out of the cell phone.

Jul 9, 2008
by Manda Spring


Thanks for the comment, that is an interesting idea!