Spy Toys For Kids

Let's face it: spies are cool. And what kid (or adult, for that matter) hasn't fantasized about fast cars, exotic locations, and nifty gadgets that are the trademarks of the spy-trade?

Well, Wild Planet Toys and Games has come up with a way to make us all spies-of a sort. While they don't provide an Aston Martin or a trip to Monaco, they have the gadgets area covered... and in a way that won't actually get anyone killed. That's always a plus in my book...

Check this thing out:

This is the Spy Audio Car . Apparently you pull it back and it rolls forward into the next room (hopefully unnoticed). Then you can listen in on whatever is going on via a wireless earphone. Pretty neat, huh?

Then there's the Ultimate Spy Case, providing a complete array of security tools including a laser alarm system, a dart gun, and communications gear.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Though geared toward kids (they are toys, after all), there is a definite "I'm going to buy one of these things, take it to the office, and potentially get fired" quality that should appeal to the child in all of us. Well... most of us.

John Barker
Guest Blogger


John Barker, our Guest Blogger, has eighteen years in the film and video industry, where he is owed more money than he ever made. He's a chef, a Star Wars geek, and an overall nice guy.
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