Spy Video TRAKR Lets Kids Slip Remotely Into View

Spy gadgets are always a hit with kids, but finding ones that are more form than flash can be difficult. Fortunately, there’s the Spy Video TRAKR from Wild Planet – perfect for getting the goods on anyone in the house. 

While there are a great many spy cameras, night vision goggles and hidden camera choices available for kids looking to get their spy groove on, there are precious few remote controlled options out there that meet the high bar young ones set for their spy operations.


Thankfully, Wild Planet has created the Spy Video TRAKR, a great RC choice for those looking to do a little bit of home sleuthing.


The TRAKR comes with a fully functional remote control and rolls on specially designed treads to minimize its audio presence in a room, though make no mistake – it’s not perfectly silent. In addition, the TRAKR is able to record full color video and clear audio which can be streamed directly to the remote itself or stored on a purchased USB device or computer hard drive.


Spy Video TRAKR Remote: They're clearly talking about you.Spy Video TRAKR Remote: They're clearly talking about you.


In addition to the basics, the TRAKR also comes with several included “apps” such as Night Vision and Cyborg that up the ante of what the little robot can do. Tech-savvy kids can connect the TRAKR to the Wild Planet website for even more apps to increase the functionality of their new favorite toy.


From reviews of the product online, it appears that the camera works well enough, taking video from 15 feet away in daylight and 7 feet or so using night vision. While the camera lens can be adjusted up and down, this has to be done manually and the track setup on the machine may take kids some getting used to.


The intention is for Wild Planet to release the full app programming language and give the community the ability to up the TRAKR’s ante, something that will greatly add to its value.


For under $75 at Amazon, the TRAKR is a great spy gadget for a sneaky price.


Source: Wild Planet

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