SpyBall: Remote Control Spy Camera for Kids

 This sleek and shiny ball is not your average, run-of-the-mill type of ball.   The super-cool remote controlled SpyBall is a spy camera disguised as a ball.  It has built-in Wi-Fi and is able to rotate and turn a full 360 degrees for all sorts of 007 spying action.  The soon-to-be-released SpyBall, from WowWee,  was a great big hit at the recent 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. 




When the SpyBall is connected to your wireless network, it can be remotely controlled from the Internet just by using your mouse.  How cool is that?  Watch what the kids are up to up in the family room while you are working in the bedroom.  You can watch and listen to live, streaming video, still shots and audio from anywhere in your home.



And although controlling the ball from home is pretty amazing, you can even control SpyBall remotely.  If you're at work and you want to check up on the frisky cat or aging pooch, now you can.  If you are waiting for the delivery man to drop off an  important package at home,  let SpyBall take a peek for you.   The simple plug-and-play unit also works with all sorts of gaming consoles that have web browsers.


The rechargeable stealth SpyBall features a pop-up camera, built-in wheels and includes a USB cable.  WowWee's Spyball will be available sometime in the fall and is expected to retail for around $149. 

Sources and Photos:  WowWee, UberGizmo and GeekyGadgets