The Squatty Potty Improves The Way You Do Your Business


If you’re reading this article then you’ve likely been potty trained for quite some time. If not, you probably need a far more in depth article than I’m going to offer here. For those still with me, I have a shocking bit of information to drop. Are you ready? I’m here to inform you that you may have been doing #2 completely wrong all these years.



No, it’s not some elaborate hoax your parents cooked up long ago (that would be kind of funny though). The fact is that the folks are likely doing it wrong too. You see, simply sitting on a regular toilet to do your business doesn’t put you in the ideal position for thorough elimination. Humans were meant to squat during the excretion process, but toilets changed all of that and brought with them a whole host of below the belt complaints. How can we correct this gross injustice? With the Squatty Potty, of course!



The Squatty Potty is a specially designed stool (ironically enough) that sits on the floor around the base of your toilet. You rest you feet on it and it puts you in the perfect 35 degree position to properly evacuate your bowels. When not in use, it tucks snugly around the toilet.



With a slogan like, “healthy colon, happy life,” how can you resist giving it a go? To see what others are saying about Squatty Potty or to buy, click here.



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