Squeaky Clean Keys - Logitech's K310 Washable Keyboard

Since I first started using computers about twenty years ago, dropping some destructive substance on my keyboard has always been near the top of my anxiety list. When I was young, brimming glasses of Kool-Aid were never allowed near my mega-sized Macintosh with the three pixel colors - white, purple, and green. As I got older, in order to save my keys from grease and a permanent invasion of crumbs, a stack of napkins was always nearby when I was trying to combine computer games and mealtimes.

These days, many people live in front of their computers, whether due to their jobs or their obsessive viewing of cat videos on YouTube, and the number of disastrous keyboard accidents has never been higher. Logitech recognized this seemingly unsolvable problem and released the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310.


K310 In The SinkK310 In The Sink


The keyboard design is basic, but the circuitry is completely encased in watertight plastic, so water can freely flow through every crack and crevice without any danger. There are holes throughout the bottom of the keyboard so drying happens quickly and naturally, and the entire keyboard is extra durable, able to withstand the thorough cleaning of a dishwasher or an overzealous scrub session in a sink. The keys are laser-printed and UV-coated, so don't worry about the letters fading, you won't have to memorize the QWERTY layout anytime soon.

This is not the first "waterproof" keyboard to hit the market, but it is the first that doesn't need to be taken apart in any way to clean. It is also still a solid body keyboard rather than something resembling a rubber mat which typing purists often reject in terms of comfort and ease while working. Logitech has once again worked out the kinks of a pre-existing advancement in technology and made consumers happy. Sometimes arriving late to the party is acceptable if you bring the coolest gift.


K310 Swimming With The FishesK310 Swimming With The Fishes


The Logitech K310 has the same sleek and slim appearance of many new keyboards, but it's functionality is that of a standard Windows media keyboard with 12 shortcut hot keys.  The other mild criticism of the keyboard is the slightly raised keys, which might be uncomfortable to some users who have become accustomed to the flattened and overly sensitive keystroke style popularized by Apple.  However, in my opinion, an old-school key height and a bit more key resistance is an acceptable tradeoff if I can safely eat jelly donuts, smoke sloppily rolled cigarettes, and squeeze my own orange juice directly over the keyboard without fearing a key-sticking catastrophe. But maybe that's just me.

You can read about all the keyboard details and pick up the Logitech K310 here on Amazon.

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