Squeeze 'Em On The Juicy Boobs

Mind squeezing the oranges honey? I've got the Juicy Boobs out!

Oranges, lemons, limes... heck, even kumquats will be an excuse for him to practice his squeeze on Juicy Boobs.

It figures that this double-boobed juicer was designed by a group of guys... four Portuguese design students, Hugo Leão, Tiago Fonseca, Samuel Abecasis and Vasco Ferraz . They designed Juicy Boobs as part of a project (I bet!) that they called Dasein. The white glazed ceramic dish provides the perfect libidinous outlet for them.

Here's what Dasein says about the Juicy Boobs:

Juicy Boobs is an object of desire. Any person should have one.
In one piece it holds two squeezers and a tray where the juice gathers.
In addition to its sensual contours, the press is manifestly effective in the art of juice extraction.
Simply tilt and the juice pours easily into the glass.

Gals, watch out! When the juice is gone, you may just be next.

For more information on the Juicy Boobs, visit DesignWise by Experimentia.

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