Squeeze Your Lemons in the Lemonade Tycoon Video Game

I first played the Lemonade Tycoon video game a couple of years ago when tycoon games weren't as common as they are today. In fact, I like to consider it as one of the pioneering tycoon games which set the stage for future games in the business simulation genre.

The Game

Lemonade Tycoon gets right down to business once you start the game. There are no prologues or back stories to read–only lemons to squeeze and money to be made with your brand-new lemonade stand!

You start out with a wooden stand set up in your neighboorhood. It's a one-man show at the beginning: you buy the supplies, formulate the recipes, do the marketing, and operate the stand all by yourself.

You can stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in your neighboorhood with the newsflash headlines and find out more about what your day has in store for you by checking the daily weather forecast. Chances are that there will be more people lining up for lemonade on hot, sunny days so it would be a good idea to stock up on supplies and sell your product at higher prices.

You can watch your day proceed in a small screen on the game window at normal or faster speeds, or you can just skip it altogether to view the day's results. The game will churn out some suggestions on how you can increase your sales if you only managed to sell a few cups.

Once you start making some profits, save up so you can purchase some upgrades for your equipment which can help decrease waiting times and increase the shelf life of your supplies. You can also make timely upgrades to your cart, purchase a sound system for better advertising, and even hire some employees to do the bulk of the job for you.

The Good

Lemonade Tycoon is a fast-moving simulation game that's easy to follow and conquer. You can actually get through the entire game quickly thanks to the option of skipping through the day's events. The layout of the game is simple, which makes navigation a breeze.

A nice bonus is that the game is available on multiple platforms and is now available for download on your iPod.

The Bad

The PC version of the game is Shockwave-based so it comes as no surprise that the graphics are lacking in quality and detail. The functions are very basic and so are the goals and upgrades in the game, which is why Lemonade Tycoon is definitely not recommended for people who are looking for a more challenging (and time-consuming) simulation game.

The Verdict

Lemonade Tycoon has had its run and while it's not the best tycoon game out there in the market, there is still a lot of fun to be had with this game.

Download Lemonade Tycoon for your PC: Amazon.com or iPod: iTunes App Store


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