SQUID System to Provide Police Forces with Faster and Safer Way to End Vehicle Chases

Law enforcement. Easily one of the most challenging and demanding careers out there today. The constant march of technology doesn't help either. Thankfully, every once in a while technology falls on the side of our police forces and makes their lives a little easier. The Safe Undercarriage Immobilization Device (SQUID) is one example of these new devices, and also one that is designed to do more than just help the men and women of law enforcement.

The SQUID System is designed to end car chases quickly and safely for everyone in the immediate vicinity. When pursuing a suspected criminal, the officer is often times putting his or her life on the line. Along with this, anyone in the immediate vicinity is also in danger from not only the suspect, but the officer as well. By using a device such a SQUID, the officer no longer has to worry about trying to keep up with the suspect and can slow to a speed that is much safer. In many instances, the lack of a direct police presence has also caused the fleeing individual(s) to slow down as well. These are the cases where SQUID would excel.

Once in place SQUID could very easily be mistaken for a speed bump or manhole cover, which equates to less of a chance that the vehicle will be able to maneuver to avoid it. The process begins when an officer placed near the SQUID system remotely commands the device to deploy the first set of straps. This will happen as the vehicle approaches, but late enough that nothing can be done to avoid the trap. As the car passes over SQUID, a small charge of air will launch more straps into the under carriage of the vehicle. The rotation of the wheels and drivetrain will cause a massive tangle and eventually tighten to the point where nothing can move.

What makes the system even more appealing is being built by mostly of the shelf parts. Because of this, production should be relatively quick and the price per unit can be kept fairly low. Also, since much of the system is automated, there will be no need for extensive training or expensive test units. Even more important, the SQUID system could easily save the lives of not only the police officers, but also the lives of whoever happens to be nearby when someone tries to avoid our law enforcement professionals.

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May 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Apps for

Use in 007 movie, deployed from Bonds Aston Martin etc coupe, sedan.

CA Hwy Patrol
Secret Service.
Pvt Security
State Hwy Patrols
Sheriff Depts.

Deploy from car, truck, RV.

Need one for countering motorcycles.

Motorcycles en masse.