Squigz Is A Building Toy That Really Sucks (In A Good Way)

Who didn’t play with some sort of building blocks as a kid (okay, and as an adult)? These kinds of toys have been around forever and they’re always a big hit with the kids. After all, they’re perfect for expressing creativity. The thing is, there hasn’t been a lot of variation in the world of building toys. Most are rigid, with lots of hard lines and there’s only so much you can make with them (unless you’re one of those building block geniuses). Now there’s something quite different on the market. Squigz by Fat Brain is a whole different building experience!

Like other building toys, Squigz are brightly colored and are made to stick together. That’s basically where the similarities end. Squigz stick together with little suction cups. They’re made of squishable silicone and they make a super satisfying popping sound when they’re pulled apart. Because of their flexibility, kids can make all kinds of bendy, abstract sculptures and structures. You can even run around sticking them to all kinds of other flats surfaces. Seriously, what’s not to love?  

Squigz are so inventive, they even won a 2013 Best Toy award from the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association.  Oh, and parents should know that Squigz never leave behind any marks. Check them out here. They totally don’t suck,… but they do! 

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