SSC Releases Details about the Upcoming Ultimate Aero EV

A short while back, we brought you the news that Shelby SuperCars (SSC) was planning on making the world's fastest all electric supercar. At the time, the specific details pertaining to the powertrain and pretty much the whole project were scarce. A few days ago, SSC bestowed a press release upon the world to shed some light on the project and answer the question that is one everyone's mind.


What will be used to motivate the SSC Ultimate Aero EV? The answer provided points to a new technology that SSC has named All-Electric Scalable Powertrain, or (AESP) for short. According to the press release, SSC is working a more than just a powertrain for the Aero EV; they are developing a system that can be used in anything ranging from small cars and light trucks, to delivery trucks and buses.

These new electric motors will come with quite a few added bonuses on top of the instantaneous torque and fuel free operation. SSC plans on keeping them small, about 1/18 the size of a traditional engine, increasing the amount of usable space inside and outside the cabin. The small size will also keep the vehicle as a whole lighter and more efficient.


AESP relies on a Nanotechnology Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack that will take 10 minutes to fully charge. On that single 10 minute charge, the Aero EV, or whatever vehicle is using AESP, could then travel between 150 and 200 miles before needing another 10 minute charge. According to SSC, this will remove the need for an overnight charge and provide a viable alternative to the traditional "commuter electric car."

The real selling point for this new technology is the ability to be adapted to fit almost any application. SSC's starting point will be a 200hp water cooled electric engine that will easily fit into small and mid-sized cars and some light trucks. The next size will be a 500hp water cooled motor for use in larger trucks and SUVs. The largest powerplant will be a 1200hp "piggyback" version that uses to engine coupled together. The latter being the most likely candidate for the Aero EV.


Shelby SuperCars is planning on mass producing these new motors at a cost of $5000-$6000 per motor when at least 1000 are ordered. Orders above 10,000 will see a decrease in price per unit. The technology is set to be released sometime in the second quarter of this year.

SSC plans to have the Aero EV running a record breaking run before the end of the year.

Shelby SSC