St Louis' Grown-Up Friendly Playground

It's summertime, and as far as I'm concerned the season is all about fun and adventure. Travel may not be in the budget, but that doesn't mean you can't have new experiences that make 2015 a memorable year. It's easy for adults to fall into the trap of "acting like grown ups" or putting all the focus on creating fun times for the children. But there's nothing wrong with letting loose, getting back to basics, and having the kind of fun you may have forgotten you can have as an adult. One business has made playtime happen.

The City Museum of St Louis has a misleading name. I know what I think of when I hear the word "museum" and while they're enjoyable and educational, "thrilling fun" isn't the first thing that comes to mind.  At this museum, you won't spend your time looking at old artifacts and reading signs summarizing historical events. You won't even have your hair stand on end from static like you would when touching the conductor at a science museum (although that's pretty awesome too). Nope, instead you'll get back to your roots. You know, those days you spent landing in the sand at the end of a slide or testing your limits on the monkey bars.


That's right, The City Museum of St Louis is actually just one big playground desgned with adult fun in mind. Children under 18 are welcome, but only if accompanied by an adult, because this "park" isn't focused to catering to the preferences and abilities of the little ones. 

This unique museum does have some tamer activities for those that aren't thrill seekers, but all visitors should be prepared to navigate their way through the 10-story converted shoe factory using caves that mimic the real thing, along with tunnels, platforms, ramps, and climbers. According to the owners of The City Museum of St Louis, it's 600,00 square feet of "children's playground funhouse, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel made out of unique, found objects".

(Above video by The Theme Park Review)

You might not find yourself stopping to read about St Louis' roots as you make your way through the facility, but you will still be surrounded by history as all of the objects used in the design have been sourced and found locally. Artist Bob Cassilly is behind the concept that has been in operation since 1997, and it is as aesthetically appealing as it is fun. That's another reason adults often seem to appreciate the environment more than younger generations, as they can appreciate their surroundings artistically, even while racing down a long, fast slide. Spinning in a hamster wheel, jumping in a ball pit, or strategically crossing a water obstacle might sound fun enough, but each offers an entirely different and attractive experience. 

The museum is open year-round, as many of the activities and attractions are inside. During the warmer season, weather permitting, there is a roof area that is opened up and it boasts additional playground-style structures. a ferris wheel and more.  Admission to this fun concept is $12, with an additional $5 charge for roof access.

Via: Higher Perspectives