Stacrobats Provide Positive, Magnetic Fun

Stacking stuff is always fun for a child, especially if said stuff actually stays stacked. That's the idea behind Kushies Stacrobats, a set of plush stacking toys that are both fun and cognitively developing.

Available at Amazon (what isn't, these days) the Stacrobats are meant to be a safe and fun way for kids to learn about shapes, towers and building using soft and magnetic acrobat dolls and balls. The basic kit comes with five Stacrobats, three balls and a base that they can be placed on. The Stacrobats themselves have magnets in their extremities which allow them to stick to others of their kind but the magnets are sewn up in such a way that one getting out and getting swallowed is unlikely. The balls also stack and together the 'bats and the balls can make any number of shapes and towers for a child to enjoy.

The packaging lists the toys as being fun for ages 1 to 100 and reviews on Amazon seem to agree that the toy does generate a great deal of interest, but with better results for those kids over two. As well, the base of the Stacrobat playset is said to not be as sturdy as it may look in online advertisements, as the sides can collapse and be used to hold the Stacrobats and balls when not playing.

By combining the educational aspects of towers, stacking and a basic introduction to force with a set of plushy and cute dolls, Kushies has created a toy that is sure to garner attention from parents and children alike. While some care must still be taken to watch out for little fingers and magnets, the toy is extremely safe and has a great deal to recommended.

At just over $50, though, the price for Stacrobats can seem a bit steep for what is received, but all indications are that the toys are sturdy and robust and that kids will use the Stacrobats for more than just a few play sessions.

Source: Kushies 

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